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Her second hairstyle? Estelle : Austin is one of my favorite places to visit. Not only is the atmosphere awesome and the people are so incredibly nice but two of my best friends live there! You know one of them. Before I met up with Magan during my trip, my friend took me tubing in a river. I highly recommend it, even if you look a little funny trying to hop into your tube.

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It was so relaxing and a nice way to drink sangria with friends. There were a few times we kept bumping into 3 girls on tubes and finally just gave up and started talking to them. I already felt in the know. So this book can definitely be a beacon for anyone visiting this super cool place for the first time, or even a checklist for what you want to accomplish on future trips.

a lovestruck summer part 4

I felt super connected to Quinn. I kept a running list while I was reading of locations I was familiar with that I wanted to take Estelle. Aside from all the amazing landmarks mentioned in this awesome book, the music scene is incredibly inspiring.

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I wanted to get out of the house and listen to more music. I wanted to look up every band that was mentioned even if some of them were made up. Absolutely, absolutely put it on your to-read list. This post is really original and interesting! I love this post so much! And that made me a little sad ;P. But aside from that, I have to agree with the essence of this post — it is SO cool to read a book that takes place where you live, and then even more wonderful to experience the book in real life! That book is magical and special to me, but some of that magic definitely comes from the fact that the setting is so real to me.

I used to go several times a year for my old job and I always tried to stretch the trip out as long as possible so I could eat, listen to music, and pretty much just spend time in Austin.

Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker

If UT had the type of graduate program I want to do I would go there in a heartbeat! How fun is this post?! I love all your pictures especially the dude randomly singing his heart out, hehe.

Glad to see it being mentioned more. Ahhh, I love this post! All the gorgeous photographs, quotes, etc. Eee, I love this post, ladies! Such a fun idea.

The pics are gorgeous! This is the kind of thing I sometimes feel obligated to do when books take place in Amsterdam. It seems like a lot of fun.

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Love all the pictures! LOVE this post!

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This is so awesome! Such a great post! I read Lovestruck Summer last year and adored it- I have talked it up to many a friend. Love that you visited many of the sites mentioned in the book and shared them with all of us:.