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Simple Life ~ Simple Faith

In fact, I seem to get a lot more excited when I give my things away than I do when I buy them.

15 ways to leave your clutter

We live in a world that teaches us that more is better and that the more we have, the more valuable we become and the better our lives will get. But where is the peace in that? Where is the peace in never being satisfied with what you already have and always wanting more, more, more?

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. Living in a constant chase to acquire more stuff is exhausting. It makes you think that where you are, who you are and what you now have is never enough and that you should seek to have more, do more and become more. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Your true value comes from the fact that you were once born into this physical world and that you are now living and breathing on this beautiful planet. You are a valuable and worthy human being not because you hoarded a lot of physical things but because you were once born.

We are all here for a reason. We are all here because each and every one of us has a purpose to fulfill.

Hello, I Have a Problem

But if you fall into the trap of allowing your material possessions to keep you from honoring yourself, your purpose and from creating the life you were meant to create, then that can become a problem. This applies to play as well as work.

1. Purge Often.

I committed to this when they were in elementary school so I figured I had plenty of time to learn to sew more than a button on a shirt. Unfortunately, I never did. But I did save their things and paid someone else to make the memory quilt! Hiding them away in a hutch drawer is not satisfying so I display them and use them to decorate. I was about to add them to a thrift store donation bag when I spotted an idea from a magazine.

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Using velvet ribbon and a ribbon clamp, I made ribbon bookmarks. I collect bookmarks eh -hem…there I go again so I found a way to use the leftover jewelry. Pinterest post for this idea. Ribbon Bookmark Using Costume Jewelry Scrapbooks: a classic way to not only save photos but the items that correspond to the memories: the concert ticket, your wedding invitation, report cards, letters, hair ribbons, certificates. I also include some journaling on my scrapbook pages so we can look back and recall special things that happened or milestones in our lives.

Seven Keys to Letting Go of Clutter

Display and Use Them or Rehome! The antique clock that my dad loved was just not my style and so it sat in the basement. This made me feel ugly-guilty so I loaded it in the car the next time I visited my sister. Her husband likes to tinker with things and make them work again.

For me, it was clutter, for her is it a useful item. When Books Are the Sentimental Clutter If you are a book lover and avid reader like me you may also struggle with what to do with all those books. I used to keep every book I purchased and read. In the early days of our marriage, my husband a non-reader asked me why I kept a book that I had already read. I explained to him that books are my friends.

I realized that by hoarding books I was depriving someone else of the opportunity to experience their magic and learn about the world. I carefully set aside those books that I knew I would return to and all the rest were donated to the thrift store, posted on paperbackswap. May those books ripple out in changed lives for decades to come — what use would they have been in a box in my closet?

Jesus reminds us to store things that cannot be destroyed by moths and corroded by rust. Matthew To store up memories, experiences, meaningful relationships, acts of kindness and love…those things can never be lost or taken from us. Too many options for our eyes to fleet upon, quick-flowing opportunities, life is rushing quicker than ever and sometimes to make room for the non-enduring-must-have-now stuff, we toss aside the things that truly matter.

How to Let Go of Sentimental Clutter: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Being in a hurry, getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing that is in front of me. But a thousand broken and missed things, tens of thousands, lie in the wake of all the rushing…through all that haste I thought I was making up time. It turns out I was throwing it away. Custom Photo Books at Mixbook.

Choose the best things , hold on to what is good, and keep clutter at bay so your mind and heart can be free to experience what matters most. If you are struggling with letting go of things as your children leave home, I found this blog that might help support you. Experiences like these gave me more prudence. Do I enjoy this enough to leave if for someone to take care of—because it will be my family taking care of it someday? How do you want to live your life? Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook. Moving frequently was also my impetus to reduce my belongings.

It was expensive and totally unnecessary. We are planning on moving across the country again.

The Psychology of Clutter: A Therapist’s Point of View

Which will be our home for at least a year. I think sometimes for me an example of what perfectly good, useful, expensive items you got rid of and how you made that decision. My biggest hang ups are always those items that you will use eventually, but how long do you wait for eventually to happen? Hello all. I am just embarking on decluttering a 4 story house. So much I am sentimental about. I am encouraged by all of your words, and will read them when I get disouraged. Thank you. Even though I am new to this FB page of minimalism, I am not new to the topic. For the better part of the the last 9 years after inheriting family mementos and memories , I have been trying to figure out why I have the roadblocks to having less stuff and not being successful at living in peace and contentment.

Recently, I discovered that the reason I like to watch the Hoarder show is because it verifies that I am not a hoarder, but indeed I am an organized collector. We are retired and our kids and grandkids live out of state. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing :. I bought a fairly expensive piece of art at a gallery and it sat around all wrapped up for months before I decided to put it up. When I took it out of the wrappings, I realized it was all wrong for my house. I get a tax write-off and they get a nice piece of art that will bring them a good amount of money.

Fantastic post, Zoe! It never occurred to me that perfectly good things can still take our time away from our family and our loved ones. One must also look at what is grabbing their attention and taking their time away from their loved ones. Giving useful items to others who need them more than you, is a wonderful thing. We had no furniture when we bought our small house. Family friends who were down-sizing, gave us most of their collection. When my brother and his wife got married, we re-gifted one of the bedroom sets to them for their new house it was too large for the room it was in our house.

I finally gave away a tea set to a tea lover a year ago. I was given three sets at my wedding — all of them beautiful: silver from my parents US , gzhel from my old teacher Russia , and a set from china from my old roommate. But the beloved afternoon tea ritual my mother enjoyed, never has been a part of my life.

So the question is do I give away one or both of the remaining sets? Oh my goodness! Feeling like a failure, have given away lots but have been trying to figure out what to sell, etc. Keep up the good work!